Disney: The Pause & Play Campaign Concept

Aug 2020
My role was 
Video, Creative

A series of videos, print and social media content aimed at reminding Disney’s friends, family and fans that they have the remote control to their own destiny.

This will bring people to search for their favorite movies from the past and will also raise genuine interest in Disney’s upcoming releases. All efforts are designed to reiterate that Disney isn’t just about making great movies, Disney is all about making people dream, feel the magic and believing that there is a brighter future.

We understand these are challenging times, but like Walt Disney said “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things.”

Keep playing your Disney’s favorites!

Disney: The Pause & Play Campaign Concept

The Play & Pause Campaign — Case Study Video


TV AD 1 — The Avengers


TV AD 2 — Star Wars


TV AD 3 — Beauty and the Beast


Print ADs + Youtube 6 Seconds bumper

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